Real Democracy For All

For a free world, for a free mind, for a responsible society, enter the no-corruption zone


DemocracyForAll is the intellectual successor to the think-tank. It aimed at finding a world where there would be work for all. Work and freedom to work is fundamental to develop oneself into a full human being. It was a search in finding out why this was often not the case. It was a lesson in how the economy works and finding out why politics are not about governing but about power and money. It was a lesson in finding out hat societies don’t function well not by lack of democracy but because of corruption. The latter is not so much economical or political corruption but a moral one. Hence we went look for the root cause and how we can address it. The result is the DemocracyForAll think-tank. Read its manifesto here.


Do they? Do we trust them?


Founded by Charlie Poppper having discovered that our soviet society is not confronted with political and economic challenges but with a moral and ethical crisis.

Charlie Popper

Independent thinker